Dear Me (part 13-Let Go)

Dear Me,

So I had to write to you about something that we discussed before but apparently I didn’t make myself clear.  *sigh* It is ok to  give up.  Now I know what you are thinking, I must be out of my futuristic mind, but hear me out.  I remember sitting alone in my room not to long ago, alone (as usual) staring at my lap top screen for like an hour.  And it hit me, I have been focused on something that I was so sure was meant to be when the universe told me no.  In my heart I knew that this was it but I got the sinking feeling that it wasn’t.  Honestly I just did not want to be viewed as weak for giving up.  Even though I had lifted it in prayer and my heart screamed ‘THIS IS IT!’ I had to give it up.  Not because of the foolishness of ‘if you love something let it go…’ blah blah blah, but because letting go meant having the strength to understand that you were destined for so much more.  Yes it made me more alone than ever, but oh the doors of opportunity  that opened because of it.  I experienced things that I was always too afraid to go after, and honesty most of those experiences just landed in my lap.  Since I had let go of what occupied that space I had room for the new stuff.  I say all this to say that letting go is going to hurt like hell.  Letting go of  your comfort zone (and the things and people inside it) always will.  However, letting go will show you how much stronger you can be if you just allow yourself to be.  Well as per usual  I am being called away from my favorite spot but my…well you will find out soon enough.  Be strong and let go 🙂


The Me You Become 💋